"...in the long term the most important question for an organization is not what you are, but what you are becoming." Gary Hamel

“Consider becoming an NP Solutions client."

NP SOLUTIONS BELIEVES so strongly in the success of non-profits that we dedicated the past 20+ years to helping these organizations prosper. Non-profits are an integral part of today’s society and when non-profits prosper everyone wins.

OUR WAY OF HELPING to ensure non-profits continue to thrive is to provide the necessary software tools to better manage the revenue generated through fundraising and grant initiatives.

INTEGRATED FUND ACCOUNTING, fundraising and grant management solutions coupled with NP Solutions’ diverse industry knowledge means non-profits have affordable and easy-to-use systems at their disposal, supported by a seasoned non-profit consulting team.

WHEN NON-PROFIT organizations require Fiscal Transparency, Cross Fiscal Year and Grant Compliance Reporting, Program Performance Analysis and the benefit of a consulting partner with relevant non-profit experience, they rely on NP Solutions and Abila MIP Fund Accounting, Abila Fundraising 50, Abila Fundraising Online, Abila Grant Management, Orange Leap Fundraising and Sage FAS Fixed Assets.

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